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Elevate your space with Electric Curtains: Effortlessly control light and privacy with cutting-edge automation, enhancing comfort and sophistication in any room




Choosing the perfect curtain can come down to choosing the right light control fabric. With that in mind, here are your basic options:

Light Filtering – Light filtering fabrics take in the light and gently diffuse it, creating a warm glow in your space. With this option, you won’t get the full force of the sunlight, but you’ll get the perfect amount.

Room Darkening – Room darkening fabrics are in between light filtering and blackout. They let in some light, but not as much as light filtering fabrics.

Blackout – Block the most amount of light with blackout shades. These are great for bedrooms, media rooms, and home theaters. They’re also perfect if you work night shifts and need to sleep during the day.


To fully customize our curtains to fit your lifestyle, the next step is to choose your ideal lift system. Here are the options you’ll come across as you explore the site:

Continuous Cord Loop– Perfect for tall and large windows, this plastic beaded chain will fasten directly to your wall. This feature is ideal for heavy window coverings and windows where you cannot reach the top. The chain is color coordinated to the fabric color you choose, providing a clean and seamless transition from fabric to lift cords. 

Motorized – Modernize your curtain by opting for motorization. Raise and lower the shades easily with just one single touch of a button. If you choose remote operation, you can operate your rollers from your couch or even from across the room. It doesn’t get easier and more convenient than that.

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