Solare Smart

Introducing the Solare Smart Collection, where innovation meets elegance in home automation. Designed to elevate your living space, this collection features cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrated into everyday essentials.

The crown jewels of the Solare Smart Collection are the Smart Electric Curtain and the Smart Motorized Roller Blind, crafted specifically for sliding glass doors.

The Solare Smart Electric Curtain embodies sophistication and convenience. Imagine effortlessly controlling natural light and privacy with a touch or voice command. Whether you're lounging in the living room or preparing dinner in the kitchen, the Smart Electric Curtain adapts to your lifestyle, enhancing comfort and efficiency.

Complementing this, the Solare Smart Motorized Roller Blind for sliding glass doors combines sleek design with intelligent functionality. Experience the perfect balance of style and performance as you effortlessly adjust lighting and ambiance. Whether it's creating an intimate atmosphere for a cozy evening or optimizing natural light during the day, the Smart Motorized Roller Blind ensures every moment is precisely tailored to your preferences.

Both products are seamlessly integrated with smart home ecosystems, allowing for remote control via smartphones or voice assistants. With Solare Smart Collection, redefine your living space with innovation that simplifies and enhances daily living.

Wireless Motors

All our blinds and shades have a motorized option

Smart Hubs

Smart hubs allow you to control your motorized blinds from anywhere with the ease of a phone app.

Great products have great materials

Made in the USA, our sunscreen fabrics are meticulously engineered with materials free from harmful chemicals and carcinogens, alongside offering the longest durability and performance which is why we offer a 5yr exterior and 10yr interior warranty on all our Phifer Sunscreen Fabric products.


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